Monday, March 2, 2009

The improved book of 'Frenzy' photos

The new, improved version of 'Keep Fiddling' is now available through the publisher, at the 'Blurb' web site. By clicking on the above book photo you will go to the site, where you may preview the book and order, if you wish. The soft cover version, 62 pages, is US$29.95.

The photos are identical to the previous version, except for the map of Shetland. I obtained official permission from Google to use their map and had to enlarge it to incorporate their logo. Beyond that, there are punctuation changes and minor changes in formatting of captions. The title is sligtly altered from Keep Fiddlin' to Keep Fiddling (too complicated to explain why).

While the 2 ladies appear as subjects in 7 of the photos, the remainder of the 80+ photos are scenic or relate to 'Frenzy' activities. The photo links at this web site contain my photos used in the book. There are additional photos in the book by Richard Wemyss of Shetland Arts.

Hope you'll take a look and enjoy.