Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From fiddle to harp and back...

Although I played the violin as a child, my introduction to traditional music began with the celtic harp. After retirement, I started lessons. One of the earliest tunes I learned was a Shetland tune, Da Slockit Light, by Tom Anderson, in an arrangement by my harp teacher at the time, Kathleen Guilday. I recall being enchanted by the melody. As I listened to more traditional music, I realized I was missing a lot by not playing fiddle, too. I dusted off my grandfather's fiddle, fixed it up, and started fiddle lessons. Not long after, I attended a workshop by Catriona MacDonald at Boston College. Once again I was struck by the Shetland tunes and inspired to come to Shetland by Catriona's presentation. This past week I was at a harp workshop with Maeve Gilchrist, who taught us her lovely arrangement of Da Day Dawns. jane

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