Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in Beantown

Hard to believe I've been back over a week. In summary, the 'Frenzy' was wonderful. Highlights? Every day. Enjoyed classes with Brian Gear and Violet Tulloch. Also with Mark Laurenson, Annbjorg Lien and Catriona MacDonald. It was special to meet Catriona again: after I attended her workshop at Boston College several years ago, she became my inspiration to fiddle and to visit Shetland. I thoroughly enjoyed her playing/teaching again. The music itself remains exciting, challenging, groovy. I have renewed respect for Tom Anderson's melodic invention, revealed in Catriona' s lovely rendition of 'Ian Robertson' in her new album, 'Over the Moon.' I was also enchanted with an unpublished tune, 'Daybreak' , performed in concert by Brian and Violet (will be included in vol. 3 of Tom's tunebooks, due out this winter.) This year the student concert included 2 tunes from Debbie Scott, fiddler from Papa Stour. I enjoyed them so much I bought her album, ('Debbie Scott') which is quite wonderful, too -- terrific original compositions, great fiddling.

Currently, I'm editing my photos, plan to put up 2008 photo albums by the end of the month. In the meantime, enjoying polishing new fiddle tunes and listening to CD's. Jane

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