Monday, August 4, 2008

Frenzy day 1

We have arrived in Lerwick. Janet and I met at Heathrow, for our flight to Aberdeen yesterday.
We spent a pleasant few hours there, attending an outdoor music festival in various locales. The acts included a steel drum orchestra from Trinidad and Tobago, a steel drum ensemble (youth) from Aberdeen, a folk harpist/singer from Uganda, a drum corps, and a local jazz quartet. Luckily the weather was pleasant for being outdoors. We boarded our ferry for Lerwick around 4PM. On board we met a few familiar faces with fiddles - members of the Riddell fiddles who attended the Frenzy with us last year. We had a pleasant passage with a delicious evening meal on board. The rocking motion of the boat was so soothing, I fell asleep early, missing both a small session with the Riddells, and our entry into Kirkwall. However, we are now fully prepared for a week of non-stop action. Our first stop here (after dropping bags at the hotel) at the Visitor Centre. Once again good luck with the weather - mild, partly cloudy. On to fiddling. Jane

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